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Architecture        Architecture has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, it is therefore generated by the needs of people and in concern for the physical context, the culture and the local climate.   The functional side of buildings is as important to us as the social, historical and economic aspects, and we place special emphasis on the imaginative use of space, shape and colour.
Urban Planning       Having worked to develop and design Berlin Hellersdorf, new homes for 20 000 residents shaped our commitment to environmentally sustainable urban planning. From planning the layout of the streets and public transport to designing schools and kindergardens, public and residential buildings through to the balcony furniture and playground features. We understand the complexity of developments and approach the building site in respect of its historical and social contexts. We emphasise energy efficiency and promote renewable energy sources.  
Interior Design       We are committed to using sustainably resourced materials, taking into account their whole lifecycle and carbon footprint. Our inhouse colour-, graphic- and interior designers are involved in research and work closely with the manufacturers to green specifications.                                © atelier 7 architects                                     updated August 2015 
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