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What we do We take part in the Green Deal  programme to establish a low-carbon economy, drawing on our extensive experience in the area of sustainable architecture, urban planning and energy efficient building design. Through the Green Deal private firms offer consumers energy efficiency improvements to their homes, community spaces + businesses at no upfront cost, repaying the costs through savings on energy bills.
BREEAM and CSH Building Research Esteblishment  Environmental Assesment Methode and the Code for Sustainable Homes provide comprehensive measures of the sustanablility of buildings, ensuring real improvements in key areas such as carbon dioxide emissions and water use. Mandatory minimum performance standard are set for: Emisssion Rate Environmental Impacts of Materials, Surface Water, Recycling, Water Use
Passive House The Passive House Standard is a cost-efficient, healthy and high quality construction. The energy requirement for heating is max.15 kWh/m² in a year, that safes 80% on heating cost compared to conventional standards. Passive House certified buildings are: - well insulated and air tight - designed without thermal brigdes - have very good indoor air quality   - using a mechanical ventilation with     heat recovery.
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